7 Minute Sample of the Rob Johnson Show
  Faux News Report   4:43
  Diversity Programming Segment   2:49
  Google Powermeter and the Letter From the Future   2:48
  Game - What's the Answer   6:05
  Gov. Schwarzenegger & Furloughs   2:53
  Faux News Special - Interviewing Obama at a Walmart   4:20
  BP's Small People Apology   3:49
  The Afghan Quarterback   1:45
  The Monkey Amputee   2:15
  Just Before News   2:17
Commentary & Analysis
  Congress & The Constitution   9:50
  Water = Prosperity   8:30
  The Sacrifice of the Obamas   5:55
  Local Cinco De Mayo Issues (Phoners)   17:51
  End of the World Report   5:25
  Liberal Economics - Boxer, Pelosi, Stark   8:28
  Gov. Moonbeam's Clean Energy Plan   5:58
  Cass Sunstein and Elena Kagan   8:33
  The Sacrifice of the Obamas - Spain   5:00
  Robber Stories; Pelosi's Jesus Question   6:19
  Government Health Care Stories   2:52
  Gulf Coverage   10:49
  Arizona; What is Hillary Talking About?; Obama's More Perfect Union   12:29
Random & Misc.
  MediCal Audit   2:01
  KSFO call; Oil Spill Facts; Assemblyman's Lost Dog   8:16
  Carly Fiorina Off-mic; Meg's Spending; Blago   8:24
  Ladies Night; Stupid Journalist Question of the Day   4:56
  CBS 13's Expired Foods; Gay Softball   4:59
  LeBron & Jesse Jackson's Face Time   2:39
  BP Update; Disaster California; Mel Gibson   14:58
  Youth Jobs; BP & Cap 'n Trade; End of the World Report   10:04
  Music on TV; Steven Seagall   9:39
  Al Gore's Accuser; Digital License Plates   10:52
  Peggy West, WI Supervisor, Makes a Speaking Error   3:02
  Not News News; Larry King Retires   6:08


Show Samples
  GA Tech QB, Atlanta Gas Prices, Sacrifice of the Obamas  8:38
  Newt Gingrich's Chances, DOMA, Gays in Military  7:49
  Convicted Atlanta Federal Judge, Mobile Etiquette, Oscars  16:29
  The Economy,with Fox's Alistair Wanklyn, Which Party to Trust  10:18
  The State of the Union Speech, the Talking Heads  3:26
Complete Consecutive Hours
  6 AM   37:47
  7 AM   32:04
  60 Minutes Show Open   :23
  Barack's Transparency Award   1:56
  Morning Chant   :39
  Birthday Game   4:43
  GA Congressman Tom Price  10:04
  Sacrifice of the Obamas - Charity Giving   6:26
  Liquor on Sunday   3:05
  Khloe Kardashian's Real Father   2:00
  Drunk Al Gore   1:26
  Breaking a Florescent Bulb   7:56
  NFL on PBS   1:44
  Sacrifice of the Obamas - Vacation   4:21

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